In my professional as well as personal life nature is my greatest source of inspiration. After traveling and living abroad for several years my work has come to reflect my attachment to place and people.

I work frequently with memories, inner images and feelings that occur as I move through the world.

Influenced by the great artists of the past, my background in the theatre and my hometown between the mountains, my artwork is the sum of who I am, and I try to let the response to what I see and feel take shape without too many restrictions.

For me, painting means exploring and searching for the right sensation.


Annelise Grindheim (1986-), born and raised on the west coast of Norway, in the small town Etne.

With a keen interest to express herself creatively, acting became the natural career choice.

For a decade she has worked in the theatre as an actor, director and instructor.

The latter brought her to Italy and Greece, and The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts.

Here she acquired an interest in oil painting. She has been classically trained and has through painting found a new way of telling stories, a field of practice that keeps her enthralled and curious.

The environment of her youth, surrounded by mountains and fjords, resonates deeply in her paintings, inspires her to continue working and gives her the impulse to create.


2018 Main exhibitor - August - Hamsundagene, Hamarøy

2017 Solo - February - Skakkesenteret, Etne

2016 Main exhibitor - August - Etnemarknaden, Hordaland

2016 Group - June & December - The Aegean Center for-  the Fine Arts, Paros, Greece

2015 Group - June & December - The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts, Paros, Greece

2015 Solo - August - Sjoarstova, Etne

2014 Group - December- The Aegean Center for the Fine Art, Paros, Greece


Works held in private collections in Canada, the United States, Norway and India.

All works copyright Annelise Grindheim